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Global Thinking

To actualize our goals (Global Manpower, Global Product, and Global Enterprise) and be able to expand our territory into abroad world, we have completely been responsible for our tasks. Furthermore, with our motto, "World Wide Thinking," we have been pursuing for a global management for our TTC customers with more improved quality and service.


Rapidly growing TTC

Since its foundation in 1994, we have continuously accomplished numbers of remarkable growth and development in times, our professional marketing team's accurate and constant market analysis, research, and efforts to accommodate our customers' needs have enabled us to develop countless products and constantly earned the industry's attention and trust from our customers.


Global manpower, Global technology, and Global Enterprise

We have equally been treating all members of our organization and unchangeably supporting for employee development programs. Also, we have been providing suitable environment for every employee to maximize their potentials in their roles. Lastly, we have been putting our best efforts into developing better products in order to improve not only our customers' quality of life but also all human being's in the world.


Step up to the famouse brand

The technology that TTC pursues stays far from its profit, yet TTC will promise to provide the customers with better products, being eager to earn the trust and loyalty from our customers and able to improve our brand value gradually.

Jump to a global company

Thriving in this highly competitive global market and economy, TTC urethane cushion buffer has helped us to rapidly grow from domestic to global company.

Customer-based service

We provide our customers with service that they can experience with and evaluate, and we establish communication channels with our customers and offer suitable service that meets our customers' needs.

From domestic to global market

To become a global company in this rapidly changing global business environment, we have widely been sharing our creative ideas and visions, and we have been earning the trust global-wide.

Creating a new future

Through our own independent efforts in creating innovative products along with quality improvement, new product development, new technology development and so forth, we will be the one to help strengthening the auto component's market and lead the globalization of Korean companies.

History of our company : Every foot step along with our customers

2014 Feb. 2014 Two design registrations for steering wheel cover
Feb. 2014 Signed a contract with Ssangyong Motor for genuine part supply and completed its registration
2012 Oct. 2012 Acquired patent right for fan wind direction control device for automobile
Jul. 2012 Signed exclusive contracts with western and central Russia
May. 2012 Signed exclusive representative contract with Bulgaria
May. 2012 Signed exclusive representative contract with Russia
Apr. 2012 Signed contract with southern Brazil
2011 Aug. 2011 Acquired certification to qualify as an approved exporter to issue
Jun. 2011 4 registrations of design for steering wheel cover
Jan. 2011 1 registration of design for steering wheel cover
2010 Nov. 2010 Signed exclusive representative contracts with the United States and Canada
Nov. 2010 Participate in Las Vegas AAPEX 2010 in the United States
2009 Dec. 2009 Designated as a prospective exporting company [Busan, Ulsan Small and Medium Business Administration]
Sept. 2009 Signed an exclusive contract with Ukraine
May. 2009 Certification renewal of KS Q ISO9001 / ISO9002
Apr. 2009 Turned into TTC Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2009 Selected as a venture company
2007 May. 2007 Established a Guangzhou branch in China
2006 Dec. 2006 Selected as a medium enterprise with management
Dec. 2006 Signed export contract with Egypt
2005 Nov. 2005 Moved the headquarter and factory to Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea
Sept. 2005 Signed export contract with Myanmar
2004 Oct. 2004 Established a China based corporation
Aug. 2004 Turned into TTC Power Cushion Buffer, Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2004 Established a South America branch office in Mexico
May. 2004 Initiated China local plant preparatory committee order
2002 Mar. 2002 Signed export contracts with Malaysia and Pakistan
2000 May. 2000 Utility model right registration for automobile bumper guard [0192173]
Apr. 2000 Designated as a target company for export assistance by Busan, Ulsan small and medium enterprise export support center
Mar. 2000 Utility model right registration for automobile interior decoration materials [#0185153]
Mar. 2000 Utility model right registration for automobile door guard [#0184260]
1999 Dec. 1999 Trademark registration for 'ThinkThinkCar (TTC)' [#0461977]
Dec. 1999 Utility model right registration for cushion buffer [#0173999]
Jun. 1999 Designated as a quality assurance supplier by Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR)
1998 May 1998 Turned into ThinkThinkCar Co., Ltd. due to business expansion
1997 Aug. 1997 Acquired patent right for bumper guard and cushion buffer
1994 Nov. 1994 Registration of design for bumper guard and cushion buffer
May. 1994 Founded Namsung General Trading